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A landscape photograph of a green vintage car from the 1950s drives across a bridge in rural Cuba.
Late day light highlighting the skeleton of an old building in downtown Havana
An old green Russian car drives along the Malecon in Havana.
A travel photograph of the Malecon on the coastline of Havana, Cuba
A travel portrait of two women standing in the sunlight in front of an old building in Centro, Havana
A travel portrait of three men standing on the street corner of old Havana
A woman looks through binoculars at the landscape of rural Cuba
A portrait of children standing in front of a vintage car while their father repairs it with the hood up in old Havana, Cuba
A beam of light highlights the vintage architecture of Havana Viejo
A bright green car parked in front of red and white archways in Vedado, Havana
A mother and son crossing a brightly colored street in old Havana
A portrait of a man taking his groceries home as he walks toward a bright orange Taxi.
A woman standing in the doorway of an old crumbling building in Havana, Cuba
Locals walking in front of the metal construction barrier outside of Capitolio Nacional de La Habana
A purple vintage car driving in front of two vintage buildings with the Malecon in the background
A portrait of Che Guevara hanging on the wall of an old house in Vedado, Havana
A red vintage Russian car framed by green palm leaves.
A bright blue car driving in front of old buildings on Havana's Malecon at dusk.
Tourists and locals walking along the coast on the Malecon at night lit only by street lamps
A beam of light highlights bicycle taxis in old Havana
Morning light highlights vintage cars across from Universidad de la Habana
A portrait of a security guard lit by morning light and standing in a doorway in Vedado, Havana
Travel photography of a man walking in bright sunlight as he passes an old motorbike
A battered old red car drives in front of the hollow shell of an old building in Centro, Havana
A Cuban soldier stands guard during a military parade in Havana
A cityscape photograph of the colorful buildings of Havana, Cuba
An old car drives down the malecon, Havana, in late day light.
Locals hang out on the walls of the Malecon at sunset with soft, pastel clouds in the background.
An old car parked in the middle of the road with the sea in the background.
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